All or Nothing

Just a new flavour
To test, to taste
To savour

One’s own demeanour devoured
By emotions and warmth
Of longing

To be something
To be your anything

But being nothing and everything all at once
Not knowing where this will go
Not certain, not secure

This feeling overflowing now…
You’ll grow tired
You’ll move past this
You’ll want nothing

Leaving just hollow emptiness



I fear I’ll hurt you;
I fear I already have.
As I am but a residue
Of my past whole self,
That’s now on a dank, abandoned shelf

Lies through omission;
A charlatan.
Is not acting but glorified lying?

I fall into an abyss
From reminders past,
To ruin good things I dismiss.
I don’t deserve this

Damaged goods, baggage-filled,
Remnants of my former self.
A former dark dweller.
A contrast to you,
A knight of the light

I’m a cynic made from experience.


I favour you, admire you,
Like You
That’s why I fear even more
Of disapproval, of ridicule,
Of Judgement

I yearn to try
But I’m afraid of another goodbye

You know but a mere façade
Hiding facets in multitudes
Pungent despair it’s felt
Tumultuous history, affairs

My past will always haunt
Always feelings of guilt and shame

It’s still early days;
Don’t you deserve better than broken tatters?

I fear I’ll hurt you;
I fear I already have.

The Haunting

The haunting of a past
That’s sweet and sour
And blissful and tumultuous
Of burning desire

Of corsets burned
And windows barred
A firefly’s path is thwarted

All to the resonance of torrid fire burning
Maligned pure light extinguished

To lament the loss
And feel the churn
The internal agonising wail of souls
Delineate the error, one cannot
The done deed is done

Masonry misaligned
Crumbling rocks falling
Cracking and creaking as stone after stone falls
To the bottom of a deep glen

Pursue the future
Let go of past
Return no more to yonder days

Let Fate dictate
What is to be
And keep a hold of Faith