All or Nothing

Just a new flavour
To test, to taste
To savour

One’s own demeanour devoured
By emotions and warmth
Of longing

To be something
To be your anything

But being nothing and everything all at once
Not knowing where this will go
Not certain, not secure

This feeling overflowing now…
You’ll grow tired
You’ll move past this
You’ll want nothing

Leaving just hollow emptiness



Are you amused
At my expense?
Is this a game
To toy with me?

Why not be honest?
Please don’t be a closet
I’ve revealed all
Pulled down my walls

Reached out
Despite my doubts
Now just hurt even more
But refused collapse on the floor

Do you coerce my anger?
My frustration?
All the negative.
Through an outburst?

The most likely reaction
From this passive aggression
Is the building of more walls
It already hurts to further fall

Now let’s be honest
Did I wrong you?
Did I misunderstand you?
Because I hear nothing

Just nothing
From you