My first MacauNews article



This is the first piece I’ve written for MacauNews. It’s pretty short, but it’s something. I collaborated with my coworker Suzana Shi on this.


Unplug – A Video Poem

Poem: Unplug
Written and Voiced by: Claire Jirah Dacay
Animated by: Judalyn Ferrer and Rafelle Marie Timog Allego

Music: Everdream Composer: Cesc Vila Aulina (SGAE)
Album: Sigma (…)

The music used can also be found here:

This was created as the final output for our Media Production class. Roughest of animation attempts, but it was fun making it. Sound kind of a fail though…but we’re pretty lucky to have found a song that matched the feel we wanted though!

Every day you hear the monotonous hum of your phone turning on
Then get sucked into this world where you live through other people’s lives
And you continue to walk on your own path while wishing you were in someone else’s
Suddenly you see your hair isn’t as shiny as hers
Your belly not as tight as his
And you spiral down into a hole of self-pity and eventual personal destruction.

Your cup of coffee turns into a cropped photo, all in for the show
Because what else can you do? What else needs to be done?
We show how to live a life all at the same time losing it all for the gram
This facade you keep while slowly losing your grip
Like an addiction, but far, far worse

We rush and run and go round and round
And we sometimes just forget to STOP
And look around
Look at yourself, do you still think you’re you?

You want to run the short marathon to nab the trophy that shines
Not realizing the best marathon won has the longest miles
We see what we don’t have and translate that as having less
We feel broke, we feel empty, we feel alone and we feel depressed
And we find the need to quickly succeed, telling the world I’m gonna be rich, you’ll see.
But silver and gold don’t hug you when you sleep,
And popularity don’t count when you’re 7 meters underneath
You are more than a deadline
You are squiggles of rights and wrongs and boundless possibilities
A seed that can grow into any tree
Cultivated not by the thoughts around you, but your thoughts about everything else

You see, you forget that you can be anything
Because at times you already see yourself as a nothing
Which puts a dot into a sentence that was never meant to end.
When you go outside you can see that the trees don’t compete with the bushes
When you wake up you don’t even realize your body worked hard to keep you alive
Drink your water, walk with your friends, and eat your greens
Whether the sun rays hit your cheeks or the rain kisses your feet

Because you’ve been living way too fast and you don’t know how to slow down

All this time you wonder why. Maybe, just maybe, that’s all because you forgot.
To unplug

First Voiceover Gig

I got my first voiceover gig this Thursday, the 15th of February 2018, for a Chinese New Year event at Waterfront. And it was shockingly fun.

I had initially wanted to refuse the job because I didn’t have any confidence in my Mandarin abilities anymore since I haven’t used it in the past 3 years. But Arnel (Marketing head of Waterfront) convinced me and I finally accepted. And amazingly enough, I will get paid for it, the first time I’m getting paid for it.

The place was full of people when the event started at 6:00 PM. I met the guy doing the English voiceover at around 5:15 PM (Laurence, radio DJ for Magic FM). He’s pretty dang cool too.

Anyhow, I don’t have any photos from the event because my Nexus 5X is dead and I have yet to replace it. But I’ve got my memories, so it’s all good.

I suppose I have to review my Mandarin now. Oh! As well as my Cantonese.

Second Publication

Another gets published! I’m really thankful for this blessing….

Gosh, if I hadn’t taken classes with my current DevComm and Journalism professor, I’d never have gotten the chance to write and send these to a newspaper editor and whatnot.

Mass Communication at the University of the Philippines Cebu was the right choice for the path I feel like I should be taking in life.

Year One Architecture Major Projects



Architectural Study of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

In the work above, we were instructed to pick one building out of a bunch that the professor presented to us to do a thorough study on, with regards to the architectural layout of the building. My final presentation, as such, is fully visualized as illustrated above.


Web Design

In an entirely different class, the brief given to us what to pick a theme out of a couple of themes the lecturers had presented to us and create a website inspired from that chosen theme. In my case, I picked architecture and decided to make it with a slight interactive feel, as well as horizontal scrolling.

The following was what I had presented as my Mission Statement and a list of the services offered, if the website were ever to come into fruition:

Mission Statement:

  • ArchiFolio provides an online platform for architects and architecture students alike to communicate and share ideas, through a clear and concise website that is aesthetically appealing.

Services Offered:

  • Networking
  • Gallery of works
  • Latest Design and Architecture news
  • History and related information