Literature, Inspirations, And Languages: Paulo Coelho

One of the charms behind Paulo Coelho’s works are how inspirational they are. They exude realism in a dreamy sort of way. I know that sounds rather contradictory, but it truly is so. To explain this a little, I’ll take The Alchemist as an example, wherein a shepherd goes on a journey to find his treasure, only to discover that it was already there, by him, at the start.

Within the confines of this book is vast wisdom on many aspects about traversing life. It is presented as a fantasy novel, yet at the same time it addresses basic life questions everyone is bound to encounter at least once in their lives. The answers to these questions aren’t blatantly revealed in the book, but is somewhat hinted at. Open interpretation is allowed in a way, as one tries to fit certain scenarios into one’s own life.

Personally, I took out a lot of life lessons from this one book itself, one of which is that when your dream is real (Personal Legend) and is meant for you, all the world will conspire to see you attain it. Also, if love comes along the way, and is meant to be, it can wait because both parties want the best for one another and will remain loyal to each other until the right time comes for them both to be together, which is quite sweet really. Because, ultimately, the two individuals in a couple are there to look out for one another and encourage each other to go after their Personal Legends. Unselfish sacrifices, if you will. And perseverance despite difficulties.

I really do enjoy Paulo Coelho’s works. Right now, I’ve got BridaThe AlchemistAlephManuscript Found In Accra, and The Devil And Miss Prym. Still building up the collection, just like what I did with my Harry Potter and The Chronicles Of Narnia collection. Oh! And the Middle Earth saga.

Now, all I need to do is learn Portuguese so I can read all of his novels in their original published language. Currently, I’m Level 6 in Brazilian Portuguese. But who knows how accurate I really am with my grammar. But then, Duolingo is a pretty good phone app and site……Anyhow, my progress isn’t bad. I’m jumping between Portuguese and Spanish, so I’m getting really confused right now (plus, I’m also trying to learn German) — Level 6: Spanish & Brazilian Portuguese; Level 1: German.

Well…Tchau! Adios! Auf wiedersehen! 再见! Bye!