A Graduation and the Pyramid

I’m still exhausted from yesterday, but nevertheless, another new day to rise up to and live on.

And what happened yesterday was the UP Cebu graduation, wherein JP finally put a cap to his school life (kinda NOT literally…UP sablay just got moved from one shoulder to the other — no caps were present nor thrown). Life awaits him now, and I’d say he’s pumped for it.

I wasn’t graduating. I still have another year at UP Cebu. But seeing all those people finally getting out, like being freed from a really long 18+ year sentence, is something to behold. The music was of utmost help to the celebratory mood as well.

And with the guest speaker being none other than the Hon. Manuel B Villar Jr. founder of Camella Homes and with a speech that focused on entrepreneurship, I was extremely inspired, just as JP was. And for good measure, I voice recorded the whole speech just to have it when I need inspiring the most.

After the graduation, we got a ride to The Pyramid by his uncle. We’d booked a table at the place the night previous to yesterday and I was eager to try out their food.

And as food goes, it was pretty great. Pricey though, with a very limited menu that isn’t very large-gathering friendly. Since 12 people were invited, we needed a lot of food, but with each dish costing around PHP 150+, it would’ve been more ideal if there were more group deals available aside from the Father’s Day special (which we ultimately chose, plus some other dishes).

Since we ordered in advance, I kept a photo of the list:

The corkage fee also isn’t very inviting for cake-essential events since said corkage fee is twice the price of the cake (or outside food) that gets brought into The Pyramid and eaten there. BUT if you want to just take photos with the cake (or other outside food) without eating it, there’s no corkage.

They do sell beautiful cake at the place for PHP 1,000+ a cake.

It WAS a pretty place though, with a great view at night.

They also have a great selection of wine.

In any case, it isn’t much of a place if you’re going for more of a feed-many-people-with-group-deals kind of a place. But if you do want a fancy place for a fancy date (or just have the money to splurge on good expensive food with no budget limit), then this is the place to go, since they do have many great solo meals.

As for being chosen as JP’s graduation dinner venue, it was not bad at all. Quite luxurious actually


Books and Brews Cafe


Name: Books and Brews Cafe
Address: Mango Square Mall, Juana Osmeña St., Camputhaw, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu
Type: Cofffe Shop
Opened: May 8, 2017
Price range: PHP48+
Amenities: Sofas, books, WiFi

A pretty quaint and quiet place, with bookshelves that encourage customers to read, Books and Brews Cafe is a really nice blend of a place between brews of all sorts, some choice baked goods (classic brownies and chocolate cookies, both of which are deliciously satisfying to one’s sweet tooth), and books.


Very aesthetically pleasing, with an introvert-friendly ambiance, it’s definitely a place I predict will prove to be popular amongst the local Cebuanos and tourists who drop by Cebu.

With a pretty good WiFi speed, it’s quite a work-friendly place. The tables also allow space for 4 people and is large enough to hold at least 3 laptops, if group work is in mind. There are also a number of wall sockets for charging if ever you do need to do so.

Books and Brews Cafe WiFi Speed.png

Located in Mango Square Mall, it’s easily accessible from most parts of Cebu City.

Books and Brews Cafe Google Maps.png

A great place to check out? Definitely!


Master Po Launches 9 New Dishes

Within the cosy wooden accented interior of Master Po, spices are spread out on two wooden tables on the second floor of the establishment. Cucumber juice is then served up by three special young men with bashful smiles and quiet thank-yous.

Open since the 23rd of November 2016, Master Po launched 9 new dishes yesterday; Master Po Lotus Rice, Fish Cake Noodle Soup, Master Po Beef Steak, Seafood Lettuce Wrap, Stuffed Eggplant, Baked Seafood, Asado Mein, Soy Chicken Mein, Cabbage Roll.

“Master Po: Little Place. Big Taste”

As delectable as the dishes newly launched looked, they truly delivered with taste. Developed with The Ching Palace’s chef, Marlon A. Pueblos, these dishes bring new flavours for diners’ palates, such as the Stuffed Eggplant, which will be Master Po’s second all vegetarian dish. Although not very familiar to most people’s taste buds, the Lotus Rice was definitely savoury and rich in flavour, as well as the other new dishes.

Little Place with Heart

This is to mark the occasion of officially partnering with The Kids Gym Therapy Center, a place located near Sacred Heart School – Hijas de Jesus where children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) are given a safe place to develop and grow.

Behind this partnership is personal motivation from the part of Jan Joan Yu-So, Master Po’s owner, as well as the person behind the growth of Cebu’s The Ching Palace. With her eldest son having ASD, she has seen the difficulties first-hand those who have this disorder undergo. “Naa juy other moms nga moingon sa ilang yaya nga ‘hoy akong anak ba ayaw ipaduol sa iyang kay naay something. So it’s really painful. Why are these kids not being accepted?”

This drove her to offer the children in The Kids Gym Therapy Center – among their number also includes her son – a safe place for them to train basic skills through simple tasks like helping in wiping plates and mopping the floor. And so far, none of the customers who’ve entered the doors of Master Po have complained about the addition of these young helpful aides.

The Future and Now

Asked whether they plan to open new branches anytime soon, Ms. Joan says that is part of the vision she has for Master Po, but as of now, they will continue as a “Little Place of Master Po”. A place to check out? Definitely!

Located on the ground floor of remote Plaza Nouvelle, Master Po aims to provide foodies a quiet place to enjoy affordable Chinese food, and is open from 10:30AM to 10:00PM every day, from Sunday through Saturday.