Shawarma Gourmet

JP and I had just come from a meeting at Escario’s Cafe Talk and were heading off to find food when we took a left at Escario Central. We saw a couple of restaurants and ended up going into Shawarma Gourmet.

I’ve often been drawn to Middle Eastern cuisine because of the colours and the scents, which Shawarma Gourmet was no exception to. The interiors were both cozy and vibrant, plus the seating was comfortable to the buns.

We decided to each get a wrap. He went with the beef shawarma combo meal, complete with drinks and spiced fries. I went vegetarian and got a falafel wrap.

I also got Lebanese coffee to go with my order. It came with a date

Hahaha get it? I was there with my date, and the coffee came with a date. Hahahaha just me? Ayt…

Great customer service by the way. We expressed our need for guidance at the start just to see which ones were the best options and the server that came to us was very helpful and friendly.

The food was delicious and they also smelled divine. The falafel wrap I bit into had great texture, the fries with spices was perfection, and the coffee was liquid gold.

Verdict: Warm place. Loved the food. Would definitely come back for more.


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