Just Thoughts…

Does everything I do have to have some sort of academic purpose just because I’m a student?

That question is something that has entered my mind thrice now; first was on Friday (Chinese New Year holiday when we went to Carcar to pick up our shoe orders), second was yesterday (Saturday; had a makeup class), and third was today (Sunday; read a book, wrote a little, went to church, went home, worked out, then read/wrote).

On each occasion, I was involved with something I was just doing as a past-time. Hobby, if you will. There really was no relation between what I was doing with academics. I just felt like working on those hobbies at those times.

I know it seems odd that I enjoy some of the things I do on my own time without anything grade-related motivating me to do it, but it’s true. I just feel like working on my in-progress-hard-af-to-focus-on manuscript, taking random photos with my DSLR, reading a book that’s not part of a class’s must-read list, blogging about nothing, and working out whenever I want, wherever I like.

I guess what I’m trying to get at is that what I do at times has nothing to do with my academic career and this sort of thing should be more of a norm (maybe it’s just here) that people let people be for what they want to do without unnecessary commentary and/or questions.

Closing message: Your life now (as a college student) should be more than just your academic struggles. Sure, it can get tough at times, but don’t get so hung up on it that it becomes an obsession/only thing on your mind. Put in some of the things you enjoy doing into your life as well and come out of college having not only good/semi-okay grades, but actual hobby-like-things you can continue past college.

Also, grades aren’t everything.


A Pet Peeve

I find noise intolerable most of the time, if not all the time. And when people raise their voices, I just find it such a pain. Background noise is fine, but when many people compete to be heard, it’s just too much for me to handle.

Competing to be heard isn’t going to lead to a nice environment. It will just create a place of noise with very little respect for others who are also speaking.

A pet peeve right here, senseless noise is.

First Voiceover Gig

I got my first voiceover gig this Thursday, the 15th of February 2018, for a Chinese New Year event at Waterfront. And it was shockingly fun.

I had initially wanted to refuse the job because I didn’t have any confidence in my Mandarin abilities anymore since I haven’t used it in the past 3 years. But Arnel (Marketing head of Waterfront) convinced me and I finally accepted. And amazingly enough, I will get paid for it, the first time I’m getting paid for it.

The place was full of people when the event started at 6:00 PM. I met the guy doing the English voiceover at around 5:15 PM (Laurence, radio DJ for Magic FM). He’s pretty dang cool too.

Anyhow, I don’t have any photos from the event because my Nexus 5X is dead and I have yet to replace it. But I’ve got my memories, so it’s all good.

I suppose I have to review my Mandarin now. Oh! As well as my Cantonese.