First day of my summer internship – Chinese food at Master Po Cebu

Amazing how I got this internship really. I’m blessed with something that’s so challenging in terms of tasks to do, yet also really fun at the same time. The blend of the different sorts of outputs, all to be done at my own time (so long as I hand them in by the deadline) is just the right sort for a quiet introvert like me.

Anyhow, for the first ever event I had to cover, it’s safe to say that it was not as nerve wracking as the setting I’m at right now (second day of internship – Marco Polo Plaza Cebu). But at the time, I was indeed frightened that I’d do something wrong.

It was the launching of 9 new dishes for Master Po Cebu, and it was in line with their partnership with a local ASD centre for children (The Kids Gym Therapy Center). Ms Jan Joan Yu-Soa’s son suffers from the aforementioned disorder and this showed her exactly how difficult it is for those who suffer under ASD; the discrimination, the bullying, and the mean comments. It was all painful for her, most especially since there were also moms at the school her son is enrolled to that told their children not to play with her son, because “naay something“. And because of her experience, she wanted to provide the children of the centre with a safe place for them to learn and develop skills they’d need, so each day, some of the kids would come over to help out with the dishes and mopping of the floor. In fact, three kids from the centre, including her son, were there to help out at the press release of the dishes.

The food, when it came out, looked scrumptious. And since it was Chinese food, it was like I was brought back to my childhood, most especially with the glutinous rice (not many of the others liked it though, but then again, I enjoyed the dish due to how much I missed that sort of food).

I also met some other press people from other news agencies (Freeman, etc.) and a few of them befriended me, which was really nice of them, because everyone already seemed to know one another at the place and I really felt out of place. At least I left feeling less alone.
At the end of the whole thing, after all the games and feeding, they gave us a bamboo straw, an environmental alternative to plastic straws. It can be reused many times and could last up to 2 years if taken care of. I’ll not be using it though, because it’s been packaged too nicely. So it’ll just lay there…a memento of my first day of internship at InnoPub Media, doing events for…

I feel like I’ll definitely be gaining weight from this internship if food is all I’ll be doing…but I’m definitely not complaining.


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