Quick Biking

In my pursuit of fitness, I’ve been pushing myself a lot more in terms of what I usually do physically. Not in the sexual sense, might I add.

More along the lines of swimming, biking, jogging, and yoga. And strength training once in a blue moon.

That territory mixes in quite well with my yearning for adventure as well, so it’s a perfect blend, if anything can be said.

Today, of all days, was the day I decided I wanted to get back into jogging again. Right after taking quite a break from fitness related things due to the tiring first semester I just completed in my second year as a Mass Communication student at UP Cebu. Oh, and Christmas food fiesta bonanzas happened as well.

Anyhow, I wanted to go biking a little earlier than 4, but we had a guest so we couldn’t leave just quite yet. And because I was leaving our home grounds, I needed company (Mom) who was entertaining the guest. Do we waited a little longer until she left. Once she did, the bikes came out.

Now, funny thing was the only bike available for me to use was this tiny one I used to ride when I was still 6-7. So it’s pretty tiny. I’m 21 now…So yeah…

It didn’t deter us though, and we went out full force (my younger brother — who is taller than me now — decided he wanted to come along and Dad arrived from his day’s work then accompanied us as well). It was a funny image though.

Me on a small bike, my brother and Dad on these huge mountain bikes (or I think that’s what they are), and Mom on her electric scooter.

I was pretty slow…Plus, I hadn’t ridden a bike in quite a while. Also, I was very shaky. And since we were Biking right on the main road, I kind of got hit by anxiety once in a while, especially with those drivers who don’t stick to their side of the road.

Once we got to our destination, which was a place called the Oval, I ran one round. That was it though since it rained soon after.

On the way back home though, I did get kind of soaking wet since I couldn’t go as fast as my parents and brother. But all in all, it was a great experience.