Personal Thoughts 012

It’s no use holding on to past things when they themselves don’t hold on to you. Letting them go is better than keeping them around, as they will remain junk and litter taking up space in the mind.

Yes, things happen and those will remain in memories. But holding onto them desperately, hoping for things to return the way they used to be will help no one. Let them remain in locked crevices in the heart; let them remain dormant. But never despair over the loss.

Letting things slide off and be unaffected. Now that’s the key to living life. Things are temporary and they always will be.

As Heraclitus famously said, “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.” All things are transient and nothing is permanent.

To be nostalgic of the past, yet also pressing forward into the future with eagerness may seem contradictory, but it makes perfect sense.

Then again, life is full of contradictions. Best to get used to them.


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