Hurt by many things
By many disappointments faced
Pain becomes part of normalcy
With joy but a little trace

Relief from hurt
Through memory blockade

Numbness serves well


Protected: January 15, 2016

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2015 Year End Reflection

Many many many things have happened over the past year. Things I’m sure the me of the year previous to last year wouldn’t even believe I’ve done and been through.

I’ve grown. I’ve matured. I’ve changed. But can we truly say people change? Or do they just become more experienced as life moves forward?

I wouldn’t know. I’m no expert in life, nor am I wise enough to know the answer to what life really is, but I know how to live and to hope and to keep moving forward.

I experienced many new things that will always remain in my memory and I’ll always value the people I’ve met and have shared moments with.

Now, I intend to become a better person than before, making the right changes in my life and habits.