2015 in review

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A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 430 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 7 trips to carry that many people.

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Renewed Hope

His sweetness, attentiveness, and thoughtfulness
Was it all real?

His kindness and his virtue
His pure intentions
All refreshing and new

But was it all real?

His rose-tinted glasses
They still cover the truth
His belief of her supposed perfection
Just saddens her

Her gladness of his presence
Still overshadowed by past bitterness
But his existence brightens her day

Life has left her jaded and twisted and damaged
But no one knows its depths
Least of all him

But he has given her a New Hope
She still has a chance
Maybe – just maybe

A Note

I’ve ruined us
By accepting, I ruined us

Innocence and dreams blemished
By deeds untrue

Desires so deceptive when paired with depression
By acting brash, I ruined us

My refusal could have stopped it –
The downward spiral I’m in
But wisdom left me at the mercy of weeds

Now a splintered friendship
I’m trying to work through it
But I’m left so confused

Memories, memories, memories
Wickedness, white lies, corruption
Backed by pleasure and adrenaline

Rooftops, parking lots, hotel rooms
Back alleyways, your living room
Your room

I don’t regret things we’ve done
But that’s because I don’t have time to regret
I just know deep down it has changed things
Please don’t deny that

It’s true

Perplexing emotions
Bizarre behaviours
Seeing Green and seeing Red
Walking a fine line above Tartarus

I don’t yet know what to do
Please forgive me
But I wish you’d make a definite decision

I don’t want to feel pain
But I know it will come

A friendship tainted
What more can I say

It’s your call

I Accept

I’m at a loss of words to say
To speak
To write
To communicate

But I will try.

I’ve done much damage
I’ve hurt
But so have I pained you

I’m sorry for everything
For things falling through
And falling apart
I’m sorry

There were pleasanter times
Joyous, happy memories of better times
But covered now with Bitterness,
And Shame

My closed mind
My rigid, fixed mind
Could not fully accept

But time
Dear Grandfather Time always heals
A chapter long since closed

Now, I accept