Loss should be easy
As should change be
But it usually makes us queasy
Because of its personal toll and fee

Its effect on our inner being
We feel the huge loss instead of winning
A piece of us taken in a kidnapping
But we must just feel and be reconciling

Never to regain what was lost
The altered nature of the old trust
The change in one strong gust
Accept, we must


The ‘Rents

I was just sitting at breakfast with my parents, with my dad doing some architecture stuff and my mom scrolling through her phone, when it just hit me how far they’ve gone together and through it all, they’ve just gotten stronger as a unit.

My dad has worked hard all this time, with my mom supporting him in everything. They’ve faced many challenges of their own, yes, as any couple would, but it didn’t break them. In fact, they’re just better than ever.

Gosh, how I do admire them for what they’ve achieved and I just can’t help wonder if I’ll ever have what they have.

In due time, I’ll know I guess.

But really. I admire, respect, and adore my parents. I love them.