Personal Thoughts 011

I always knew secondary education was just temporary and, as such, achievements made then usually only matter then — when entering tertiary institutions, said tertiary institutions aren’t really familiar with the individual unique systems that all the different applicants were under during their time in secondary education. I always had known that, but I only really got a firm grasp of this recently.

All the achievements one makes in highschool makes no difference in the real world. It’s what one has made with one’s life that matters the most.

With that in mind, I intend to become a valuable member of the community, contributing to the general wellbeing of the world. In other words, I want to be an exemplary citizen of the world, if you will


The Temptress

The forbidden
Sweet music sang with seduction
The lull of a deep baritone


A canvas of white — of Purity

A step towards corruption
Towards hedonism

To be lured
Into this trap
Being aware
But unprepared

The yearning for pleasure
That is unlimited with time
Of being desired


Velveteen skin — soft to the alien touch
Of scents unfamiliar, as such
Heavy breathing of laboured exertion
To bask in the beauty of perfection

Strength spent
In this unexpected bend

Unplanned, yet deviously sensual
An addiction of the flesh


Immovable will
Finding no reason to change
Preferring currents remain stayed

Like the Taurean bull of earthly domain
Of newness oft refrained
Constant comfort in the present, bred to be complacent
Of silken sheets and accustomed scenes
Not wanting forced progress

Perseverance and endurance known process
Yet lazed and dazed with life

Get up! Move forward!
The will is within, waiting!

Personal Thoughts 010

Are the situations and/or occurrences we define as mistakes essentially not mistakes? If everything is supposed to happen for a reason, blaming something as a mistake would be a moot point in any argument.

Then again, every single person on this earth is given free will. If we move forward with a decision that we’ve made from among a few other choices, that would be free will, but does it mean that using our free will for that decision will still put us on the “right” path in our lives?

Everything happens for a reason?