Signing onto my own demise
My downfall
My destruction
My ruination
My undoing
Just as one signs off one’s soul for hell
At the sounding of the final death knell
Cursed, as no one has foretold
Falling unto fire, if I may be bold

The cause of my lapse of judgement
My mistake
My indiscretion
My blunder
A horrible fall into a deep abyss
As one finally realises what is amiss
And one is nearing surrender
Towards that one contender

Refusing to admit it
Despite already being in a tar pit
Just constantly sinking ever deeper
As one’s resolution gets weaker

Buyer’s remorse
Just as Herod’s promise ricochets back
Eventuates with John’s death
One’s conscience attacked
As damnation endorsed

At the apex of one’s life
But falling too soon
Just to clamber back up at Recovery’s point


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