Personal Thoughts 008

In essence, mankind just cannot be satisfied with what’s been given to them, constantly striving for more than what can be provided for by the planet. This creates problems in terms of resources, which then affects human behaviour as humans scavenge for resources (which is money in our current time and age) to get ahead of the rest of the population, regardless of the negative repercussion their actions may have on the rest of society. So selfishness prevails when it should not be, as selfishness, in terms of monetary gains, has been bred into humanity through the reinforced notion that money gets us ahead, replacing primordial competitive instincts to gain the upper hand through brute strength.

This is more or less how I view things currently.

I’m an idealist at heart, who wishes that an ideal model were used on the world, since the current system in place has created and has reinforced corruption time and again. I know it’s near an impossibility to change this, but I can’t help but hope that mankind will someday put more importance in the meaning of their existence than material wealth and vanity. If the aforementioned cannot be completely removed, at least they could be reduced, taking hold of society to a lesser extent.

In any case, if these thoughts were communicated to individuals at a younger age, before maturation, ideals related to these thoughts could be cultivated, reaping benefits for the society as a whole. But I dream.

Societal pressure,more or less, dictates that superficiality is more important than anything else though, so the majority have this mindset that wealth, power, and beauty are far more important than anything else.

Welp. These are just the things that flow through my mind at 4:00am in the morning, when I still haven’t slept yet.

Sleep deprivation never does keep my mind from running a triathlon…rather, it spurs it on even more.


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