Musicology 006

Shots by Imagine Dragons

For some vague reason I will not specify, this song just speaks to me. I suppose it has to do with the fact that in some innate part of the human psyche, people will always have this feeling that they’ve ruined some very important things in their lives, because of the things they’ve done. Due to the feeling of loss and disappointment, it leads to people thinking that things could have been better if they were never born, seeing as that would have never brought about the pain and hurt that has been inflicted on the people they care most about; in other words, one self-blames and obsessively thinks about the mistakes one has made. Yet, in the end, people still hope that more chances could be given to right the wrongs.

So at its core, this song touches the aforementioned sentiments; it is basically like an anthem to holding on to hope despite the negative that may have already occurred.

It’s a pretty catchy tune.


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