Hopeless Romantic

A hopeless romantic
The good and the promising
On a loop
In the mind

Oh, just in the mind

Ack — Love, to enact
Not to detract
From the living
And the learning

Ah, to love the idea of love

To see the roses
Believing love stories
Ah, those happy endings
With joyful leading gents and ladies

Oh, to love the idea of love

Seems an impossible task
When reality hits you in the face
Boom smack!

Hopeless romantic indeed
Not ever so
Never was

Love’s no dalliance
No easy waltz to dance
Ain’t no constant snuggle-bunny kisses
Neither shooting stars for granting wishes

Love is work and toil
Like a growing tree in the soil
To be watered and tended
Withstanding any storm to be weathered

Shared cups of coffee or tea
The truth of each other to clearly see
When sitting across one another
With eyes alighted with good humour

Let there be no false illusions to coddle
Hide not things in an inner bottle
Trust, honesty, and truthfulness
With those, a union is blessed

Oh, those hopeless romantics
Idealists in love with love
When love, t’were not that simple as loving the idea

Oh, let the hopeless romantics dream
Let their worlds not be too grim
As they dream for their fairytale endings
With a royally grand wedding


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