Some Confusion

I’d like to be this
I’d like to be that
I wish I’d be this
I wish I’d be that

So many things I want to be,
But so many things I cannot be.
To dream big and fear,
To let go of what is dear.

To pursue, to persevere
To constantly be sincere
To be continually focused
Despite the distracting hocus pocus

To get where we want
‘Tis a long and arduous road
There’s no place for “We can’t”
Living complacently at our abode

Strain against the crowd
Oh, that does make me proud
To differ from the rest
But confusion brings such a test

To know not all we want we get
Not all our demands on life met
All that’s left is to aim and try
And to all naysayers, defy

If well meaning wishes be tried and true
Constantly burning a path in our hearts
Then this pursuit is true
The target hopefully hit by the Dart

As it is always said
Better to have tried
Then failed

Than to have done nothing at all


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