Life Stories 002

A group of five friends were sitting at a restaurant together, waiting for the rest of their party to arrive — the total was supposed to tally up to eight.

Alan, Andrew, Matt, Naomi, and Rachael were already present, and the only people that needed to arrive were Carlos, Oliver, and Samuel. They all ordered and kept two menus back for the remaining people that had yet to arrive.

When Oliver came, he sat against the wall, next to Matt, and picked out his burger combo. Rachael then received a call from Samuel, who told her he didn’t know where the place was. So she had to go find him around a one block radius for a whole ten minutes — they had been walking opposite directions most of the time.

And he was his usual bespectacled self — quiet, polite, contemplative, and appeared completely unconcerned about the worries of life. As usual.

Once they got back to Grill Burger, Oliver had already ordered, which left only Samuel’s order to fill, since Carlos had warned them that he didn’t want to eat. Since there were no waitresses to be seen on the floor they were on, Samuel looked humorously at Andrew and Matt and said, “Am I supposed to scream for service here?”

All three of them laughed and then Andrew tells the rest of the group what happened to them at the SoiHangMei Eskimo.

Supposedly, they had called a waiter a couple of times, who saw them each time they waved at him. After having been ignored for the umpteenth time, Samuel had had enough and hollered, “Excuse me!” in Cantonese. The whole restaurant fell silent and the waiter finally scurried over, exasperatedly saying, “What?”

Matt then takes over, saying that Andrew’s reaction was to hide his face in his hands due to embarrassment, and duck down on the table all in one breath. Matt started patting Samuel on the arm to try and calm him down, looking apologetically at the waiter and the other restaurant patrons. Thankfully, Samuel did end up approaching the waiter at the end to apologize quietly.

At the end of the retelling of this tale, the whole group of friends had erupted into laughter. The good thing was that they were the only people on the second floor of the burger place, so they didn’t disturb anyone else with their explosively noisy laughs.

Samuel, as a person, can be described as being a man of very few words. He has always been so extremely laid back that he ended up not doing what he needed to do throughout high school, to the detriment of his grades. But due to his super chill attitude, he didn’t give too much thought about it and continued on with his gaming without a qualm about anything else, even his classes now in Australia.

His reaction at the restaurant was truly something out of character for him.

But from this, one thing was strongly ingrained as a lesson.

A quiet person’s calm exterior may be hiding an explosion that is due to pent-up frustrations that have accumulated from many other past occurrences. This might not always be the case, but it certainly is something that should be considered when encountering a quiet person.

Just don’t push their buttons if you can. You may never know if they are at the end of their fuse or are still just one tenths fed up with people.


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