Life Stories 001

Three guys were walking from the car park below a central park to a burger place near a university campus, where a dinner was scheduled for them to meet up with their old high school classmates — the few that were left in Macau, that is. Having just finished working out, their muscles were sore and they were completely starved.

Just outside Grill Burger, the guys noticed a commotion on the two lane road. While cars were parked on one side, filling up that one entire lane, one rogue car had decided to stray and was parked on the other lane, leaving very little space in between the parked cars and the rogue car for any other vehicle to pass through. An enormous tourist bus turned the corner onto that same road and immediately realized its mistake, seeing as there was no way for it to move forward. As it tried to reverse, other cars kept coming, leaving the whole road congested, as the huge bus couldn’t go backwards or forwards.

All three guys stared at the road and were amazed by the spectacle they were seeing. They can’t think of anything to do, so they decide to go into the restaurant to grab a table for them and the rest of the gang who were still to arrive. As they go up to the second floor of the little establishment, Alan decides to go and get updates on the traffic situation right outside the restaurant. Andrew and Matt decide to remain and look through the menus.


When Alan got out of the restaurant, he sees a lady trying to help everyone out of the vehicular mess they were in by telling the cars in the back to all reverse and had stopped more cars from entering the narrow road. As the road started to clear up a little more, Alan was about to turn a corner to see how things were on the other side when he ran into Naomi and Rachael, and told them that the others were already upstairs.

Initially, the two girls were to have arrived first, but having walked all the way from SanMaLou to the Cultural Centre area, they had arrived later than discussed, and since the guys were going there by car, they got there first. Rachael had just gotten off the phone with Andrew; she had just told him that Samuel and Carlos would be joining them soon and he told her that Oliver had confirmed that he would be coming for the dinner.

Having noticed the commotion as well, the two girls looked towards Alan for an explanation and were given a brief one. They all go into the restaurant and up onto the second floor where the others were, and immediately walked towards the window. Rachael took a picture, hoping to capture the traffic mess, but by then, the road was relatively cleared up already. Her picture wasn’t very good either.


Once the whole road was cleared up, the three of them went over to the 8 seated table that the guys had already taken up. Alan sat next to Andrew, who was seated across an empty seat that was right next to Matt and right against the wall. Naomi takes the seat next to Alan and Rachael sits across her, on Matt’s other side. They all wondered who the owner of the rogue car was and all of them wanted to see who it might be, but with the waitress having arrived to take their orders, they became too preoccupied with the food options. After a bit, Alan remembers about the car and runs over to the window to check up on it. He looks out and the car has left.

They never found out who the owner of the car was. But this writer thinks that maybe — just maybe — he or she was eating at the very restaurant the group was eating at and had stayed inside to avoid the blame and responsibility of the jammed road. Such cowardice.

Or he/she could have been oblivious to it all. That could also have been a possibility.


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