Odd Experiences of Life 003

The third of the weird-ass tales.

Sitting in the Old Taipa Village McDonald’s one day, a girl of indeterminate age was enjoying her iced milk tea drink while writing sporadically into a notebook. She would occasionally look out of the window to see what was going on outside that might give her some inspiration and on one such occasion, she accidentally made eye contact with a seemingly Caucasian male. She quickly averted her eyes, because of how awkward it felt (despite the fact that she constantly accidentally did that whenever she looked around) and hoped the guy wouldn’t notice.

Then the most startling thing happened. She sensed that he noticed her. With the help of her sixth sense, she started packing up her things really quickly. The guy had walked into McDonald’s and, without ordering, decided to target in on the seat right next to her. She, however, deftly moved out of her seat, facing away from him to bring about the illusion that she did not notice him at all, and calmly and casually walked out.

Close call, it was.

The lesson she learnt here? Nothing.

Okay. Maybe it could be, “listen to your gut feeling/sixth sense more.”


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