Personal Thoughts 007

The first time I did my university applications, I was as chilled out as a cucumber getting preserved in a pickle jar; I didn’t give a rat’s arse about it that much since I was hopeless in terms of my university prospects due to financial reasons. I gave only two universities my time and effort, getting positive replies from both, but not getting into either due to monetary limitations. Then I went with the very last option on my list and got in easily.

Now that I need to transfer due to family relocation, I get a second chance at university application stress. But this time around, I finally experience and realize the hassle that comes with university applications. Although my options are solely focused on one region in the Philippines (District IV), there are just too many requirements and all of them just confuse me, because it all seems like all these required papers are papers that I just do not have as I have been studying in a totally different country with a totally different system. And I am just frustrated as fudge-cake butter mini-sandwiches.

Also, why don’t all universities just have identical requirements to save the hassle of getting one paper red-ribboned for one institution, while getting another certificate (that makes absolutely no sense and no purpose, in my opinion) for another institution. From all these applications, I could end up getting institutionalized myself as they all drive me into insanity — uni-sanity.

I also have to now deal with rankings and all that related crap (Okay. Not crap. Necessities, they are…in this prestige-driven world).

I just feel fudging suffocated all over again by the friggin society we live in. Ack Bureaucracy. I hate being fenced in.


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