Odd Experiences of Life 001

Weird-ass tales begins.

Thought I might as well tell these tales I’ve experienced firsthand, because they make me laugh every single time I think about them (although when they are happening, I am panicking deep down). I have had a few classed such as these — few and far between, might I add — but they seem like such funny little tales to share (worth using somewhere else — I’ll keep them here for documentation purposes) I can’t just pass up the opportunity.

Here’s the first of a few. And more will certainly be added in the future.

On a sunny winter day’s past, a non-Chinese girl of indeterminate age was walking out of one of those really nice apartment blocks from her tutoring job, when suddenly, a person of non-interest took notice of her from across the street; he was all swagified and she was all terrified.

The foreign-looking man of non-interest, whose age was also indeterminate (but most definitely above his twenties), crossed the road to get to her side and started following her. She increased her walking speed threefold and decided to weave through whatever crowds happened by her, which were seemingly non-existent that early in the morning, for the main purpose of losing him. That was, after all, one of the things she learned from playing Assassin’s Creed for those two whole days that summer.

Having already walked an incredible distance, she still sensed the man following her, which was a suspicion that was confirmed from a single look at a reflective glass wall surface. She suddenly remembered that she needed to buy some certain not-too-important thing at the stationary store and so she headed towards one near where she was. Once she entered the store, she immediately approached the cashier and started speaking Chinese, asking to buy some AA batteries. The man followed her in and when she started speaking Chinese to the cashier, he left the store and she never saw him ever again.

And that experience alone taught her a valuable lesson — she learned never to not look unoccupied with her thoughts while walking around on her own.


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