Invisible War

Loved, then lost
But that’s alright
Just like a tournament of joust
You either fall or you stay upright

I’ve tried all I could
I’ve reached out the only way I know
I feel like I have pursued
But I have nothing to show

Calm on the outside
While I rage a battle within
I really don’t like to hide
But I don’t know how to win

A cold war
Between Russia and the West
Strained manoeuvres
Quite heavy in the chest

This current invisible war
It rivals that historic tension
Why should it ever be on par
With what I have just mentioned?

Where goodwill and camaraderie once stood
Now only silence remains
Memories as medals of all that was good
While the strain I feel — severely maimed

I just want to mend the ties
Before all that once was just completely dies

I wave my white flag up in surrender


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