YouTube Favourites: Part 002

These Sims 3 house building videos are just so gooooood…and the design…soooo gooood.


A Light Ahead


There’s only light ahead to see
As this alley at midnight remains to be
No sound to hear from near or far
To remain alone with these junked cars

The soft fall of rain that’s grown from drizzle
‘Tis not likely to slow or fizzle
But will keep up with the flow of my emotions
As I struggle for remission

Keeping my composure
Despite the feeling of failure
And the heavy feel inside my heart
As I try to come to terms with the necessary hurt

One lone street lamp stands afar
The light streams out to jar
With steely determination it shines through
To push forth what is true

Amid the gloom
And the feeling of doom-
No matter how dreary
And of being weary-

The light ahead
It remains, no matter how worried

There should be no deluge tonight


Are you amused
At my expense?
Is this a game
To toy with me?

Why not be honest?
Please don’t be a closet
I’ve revealed all
Pulled down my walls

Reached out
Despite my doubts
Now just hurt even more
But refused collapse on the floor

Do you coerce my anger?
My frustration?
All the negative.
Through an outburst?

The most likely reaction
From this passive aggression
Is the building of more walls
It already hurts to further fall

Now let’s be honest
Did I wrong you?
Did I misunderstand you?
Because I hear nothing

Just nothing
From you

Musicology 001

The Script – Nothing

Sons of Sylvia – Love Left To Lose

Loreen – My Heart Is Refusing Me

Loreen – Do We Even Matter

Loreen – If She’s The One

Loreen – In My Head

The Script – If You Ever Come Back


Temporary phase
Involuntary page
The next day to chase
All of this a stage

Looking forward
Anxious to move onward
Leave this behind
At the back of a bovine

Not angry, just bitter
Amnesia would be sweeter
The pain, the sting
From a short-lived string

Thought it’d deal
But time should now heal
Don’t want to feel
But he acts just like steel

Stuck behind
In the past
How’d this happen?

I feel played.

Salvageable Para Nako, Mas Não Para Você

Got the message

Gets ko na
Bobo ako
Wala na talaga
Wala nang pag-asa

All of it
Got played
Was sincere
But I’ve paid

Parabéns homem


Walay klaro
Pero sa una pa ‘to
Karon, kasabot na ‘ko
Nabuang gyud ko

Para nimo

Kung ikaw nag sulti nako
Kung ipinaliwanag mo sa akin-
– 如你跟我说 –
Eu entenderia
I’d acquiesce

Cut off

Now I see
That’s how it is — for You
Salvageable it cannot be
Para Você