The Concept of Dating 02

Long distance relationships — those always fascinate me. Even though many believe that it is impossible and very difficult to do, there are some people who are able to do it successfully. And one couple remind me of this.

My friend, who I shall name Clara, and her boyfriend, who I shall name Sam are some countries apart. But they maintain their relationship despite the distance. And they have this system where they trust and are loyal to one another, allowing each other freedom to do whatever they wish wherever they are, so long as they remain faithful to each other. And it’s an admirable system since there just isn’t room for jealousy, as they both respect and care about each other too much to ever consider making the other person doubt their commitment to one another. Quite nice, especially when long distance relationships get a lot of unfavourable reviews.

This just goes to show that it really depends on the couple and not what the majority thinks. So kudos to them for having gotten where they are now. Together and apart.

Eh. Just my musings. I quite admire them for it.



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