What I say, you take to heart

When what I said was not meant to hurt

You wish to know what’s on my mind

But when the words come out

You attack my thoughts and say I’m wrong


I’m truly at a bind


When I share my mind

I fear your retaliation

To my most private thoughts

And I recoil from speaking at all


My mind is a deep crevice

Filled with radical thoughts

I cannot mention to you its preface

For your most likely reaction is repulsion


To understand what others want

And what they never say

Is painful

Just knowing no one understands —



An underlay

Below what I say

To fall back on

When all those who matter to me are gone

Because of what I said

I know I’ll need one


Many times I’ve been misunderstood

Most hear what not I meant

But truly,

Is it my fault that most of my opinions

Contrast those in my vicinity?


I cannot fathom why

I cannot say what truly is on my mind

Because of the sensitivity of people all around


I want to be frank

I want to speak my mind

I want to be heard

and Understood

Without judgment

Just as I have done for those who’ve borrowed my ears



I recoil from sharing in conversations

Because my fear oppresses my courage


My mind is fast

Does mental leaps and vaults

But my tongue

Is as snails are



So I remain silent


2 thoughts on “Misunderstood

  1. Vince says:

    this reminded me of many swift thoughts. “Speech is silver, silence is golden”, “Silence is a lady’s best garment”.
    ’bout 2k years ago someone mentioned “…be slow to speak, quick to listen…”
    -nugh said
    – have a nice day 🙂

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