Never Ending Cycle Of Materialism


Shot of the day.

Was walking home through the junkyard next to where we live after picking my little baby brother up from his tutor’s place and came upon this really great sky moment. Just had to take this photo, as it captures how the old is right next to the new in this city of Macau.

Also, the car featured in this shot really isn’t old looking when I was right next to it, but it’s been junked. It’s sad to think of the waste being produced as people throw away their possessions that are still in pretty good shape, just to acquire new and trendy objects to replace supposedly outdated models. But no matter how much people who care do try to spread the word, there’s still ignorance all around prevailing no matter what. That doesn’t mean it would be best to give up on a good cause, but just to persevere even more.

Anyhow, the car ties in really well with the sunset as it is seeing the end of its existence. To me, it’s quite poetic, but that’s just my opinion.


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