Suffering For Love

It’s tough, I know, to be a mom;
Sleepless nights,
The pressure’s on.
But sometimes, we don’t even give a qualm.

Your tense involvement
In all we do,
You give your whole heart
In what we do pursue.

The guilt I feel when you are pained
From the wrong I’ve caused
I am filled with shame
For I am truly flawed.

If only I could take those hurtful things I’ve done and said

When we are ailed by maladies
You care for us like no other
Like a nurse
Like our own home doctor
You don’t stop to rest until we’re cured

And when in reaching that one age
That very age of independence
Your support and love
Has guided us to this stage

Your love is like a —
No words describe love
It simply is

And that is why
I will,
Forever always,
Love you


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