Year One Architecture Major Projects



Architectural Study of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

In the work above, we were instructed to pick one building out of a bunch that the professor presented to us to do a thorough study on, with regards to the architectural layout of the building. My final presentation, as such, is fully visualized as illustrated above.


Web Design

In an entirely different class, the brief given to us what to pick a theme out of a couple of themes the lecturers had presented to us and create a website inspired from that chosen theme. In my case, I picked architecture and decided to make it with a slight interactive feel, as well as horizontal scrolling.

The following was what I had presented as my Mission Statement and a list of the services offered, if the website were ever to come into fruition:

Mission Statement:

  • ArchiFolio provides an online platform for architects and architecture students alike to communicate and share ideas, through a clear and concise website that is aesthetically appealing.

Services Offered:

  • Networking
  • Gallery of works
  • Latest Design and Architecture news
  • History and related information

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