Regarding A Vernon, Bus Rides, And A Rant

My mom, brother, and I were heading off to meet up with my dad at a restaurant for lunch sometime last week over the weekend. And we were in a great rush to get there, because we were already behind schedule for the day and Dad sounded irritated when he called Mom.

We’d also just missed the only bus in the area at that time slot that could bring us to the restaurant Dad was waiting for us at.

The next bus with the same route arrived around half an hour later and was relatively empty, which gave the three of us the opportunity to sit down; my brother chose to sit solo, so I sat next to Mom. It was a rare occurrence, happening upon a bus nearly empty in that area, since that area we were at is probably one of the most densely populated places in Macau and buses were always jam-packed with people. After a few stops, however, the bus truly did start to fill up, as I’d expected, and it was filling up with the usual types of personas. But on this day, my attention was especially caught by one fellow, mostly because of the way he acted.

As he entered the bus, his beady little eyes scanned the surroundings very intently — most likely in search of a vacated seat. And for some reason, he reminded me of Vernon Dursley, Harry Potter’s petty, narrow-minded, and unpleasant uncle. Right behind him was an elderly woman and as they walked further down the aisle closer towards me, I stood up so the old woman could sit.

Vernon vulture-butt-slammed onto the seat.


And I stared at him with an absolutely dumbfounded expression. Only then does my mom notice that I’d stood up. She looks at Vernon sitting next to her, at the old woman standing next to us, and then at me. Our eyes meet and we both quietly laughed.

We both look at Vernon and we both laugh again, all the while he is attentively concentrating on looking straight ahead, ignoring everyone else in the bus, especially those close to him in proximity. Who knows what running through his mind, but I just found the whole situation very humorous.

Most judgments would dictate that he should have given the seat to the old woman instead of taking it *with a snap*, while some may say I’m such a terrible person for making judgments on this fellow human being. But honestly, I just accepted the situation as it was, and it’s a great laugh to recall. The old woman was given a chance to sit somewhere else later on anyhow, which was good.

Vernon’s actions, however, remain in my mind, and it makes me hope that I’ll never do something similar to what he did; being compassionate and empathetic towards other’s needs is something I always try to be aware of.

What also occurred made me wonder whether common bus courtesy wasn’t as widely known as I thought it was. They’re quite simple, really — or rather, that’s what I thought. Let the old people, pregnant women, and young children sit. Also, in some instances, if one sees someone having great difficulty with whatever they are carrying, one could potentially give one’s seat to them.

But now that I’ve gotten into that, I seem to not want to end just there. I feel an oncoming rant regarding bus rides in general.

There are those times when the bus is simply filling up really quickly and it’s natural that people should move forward, deeper into the bus, instead of standing close to the the front entrance. It’s common sense. However, there are some that refuse to move and stand there like absolute imbeciles, blocking the way when there’s obviously more space inside that could loosen up the densely spaced front entrance area of the bus. They could move in along with the rest of the people to help out those in terrible discomfort. But NO. They choose to stand immobile, some because they’re on their phones doing whatever, while others have just totally spaced out and are not considering their surroundings. Typically, those are the two reasons, but who knows what else. Also, when in buses, those who are on their phones and not considering that they’re blocking the way should put their phones away. Really. It’s an inconvenience to the people around, yes, but it could also potentially cause all sorts of nasty things to happen. The phone could slip out of one’s hand when the bus suddenly jolts to a stop, then bye-bye expensive smartphone it is.

Much exasperation I feel. And it really affects me personally since I have to deal with this almost every single day. But I’ve sort of accepted it, despite my complaints.

Some people just don’t know any better, I guess, which causes them to do some rather not-so-common-sensical acts. Like these two women I saw once who decided to stop in the middle of a crossroad just to read a map. In the middle of a crossroad. A cross road. To read a map.

It was unbelievable, seeing that, so I decided to take a photo. I mean, why in the middle of the road? There were pedestrian walkways all over the place. But nope. The middle of this wonderful crossroad is great. I mean, I know I seem to come off somewhat of a busybody, but I was seriously concerned for their disregard of their safety. True, it was practically empty, but that doesn’t give anyone reason to stand where they stood.


Needless to say, this post has gone on for too long now, with all my many complaints.



2 thoughts on “Regarding A Vernon, Bus Rides, And A Rant

  1. tingvince says:

    you’ve come around full circle…from annoyed to amused. I find this mental processes healthy. after all this world is awash of things absurd and wrong. healthy in the sense that our soul has the chance to stay on top of raves and indignation that cloud out the truth about people and behavior.

    Nash equilibrium is just a bit right, if these scenarios are superimposed to his governing dynamics – yeah, but not quite.

    Each person has his/her story. “Grace much more abound”. I’m happy you got it.

    • Thanks, Tio Ting! I actually hadn’t expected anyone to be reading any of my stuff at all. And yes, it just isn’t worth it to get upset over this and dwelling on it for too long.

      And Nash equilibrium…hm…true, I suppose, if some factors within the scenario were changed a tad bit, wherein everyone involved is deciding for the benefit of everyone…

      Thanks again! And I really do hope we’d have a family reunion on the Timog side soooooon 😊

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