The Awkwardness In Receiving Pay

I always find the process of getting paid for honest work a rather stressful thing. I never know how to ask for my pay and I never know when I should. Despite the fact that I’ve been getting paid for tutoring ever since Grade 10, I still don’t exactly know how to grace through this rather taxing – for lack of a better word – process.

Did I just accidentally make a fiscal related pun up there? Hm…I can’t tell…

But really though, there should be some sort of guide on how to receive payment for services rendered. Maybe there is. But getting paid for a job will always seem an awkward process to me, especially when the money is handed to you directly and in public. And maybe that’s the reason why I find it an awkward process. Skipping the direct contact of money from employer to employee would be so much more ideal for me.

Maybe receiving the money via the bank would be better? But that just doesn’t seem to fit the established payment methods of tutoring, if there is one out there somewhere in the world – or maybe that’s just a misconception of sorts from my own mind.

Even getting that envelope with payment details at the end of the month for my current job as a trainee/intern at a major contracting company doesn’t completely alleviate my rather cumbersome feelings about the process of getting paid, although I am less tense when receiving the envelope.

And when I think about paying other people for things like Tennis lessons or the ilk (or just paying back what I owe, which is a very rare case as I hate owing people money due to this very sort of thing where I think direct contact with money from one person to another is awkward), I think they think it’s awkward, similar to how I perceive the whole process to be, and I create even more awkwardness in the situation of paying someone.

The bank. Directly sending and receiving money through the bank would make everything easier. But that’s just too posh a way of dealing with this though…I think.

Or maybe I’m just a really awkward person who overthinks everything, creating even more awkwardness to swim through.

But then I revel in awkwardness…

That’s just my random thought of the day.


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