Old Blogs

I was just trying to look through all the blogs that I’ve made in the past and I came upon this one from a really, really long time ago. I don’t even remember which email account it’s connected to, but I know it’s me, because of the name and everything. I always have been quite a thinker, just by reading the contents of this blog (which consists of one post, dated December 29, 2008).

Anyway, this is it:


To this day, I seriously still dig the whole brown and black thing; my colour palette really hasn’t changed that much. And the voice. It’s still so me.


I also found another one and the title of the blog site just doesn’t make any sense to me right now. Who knows what I was thinking of back then:

Tears and Nonsense

And the content. Oh, the content. I don’t know if I should hide from embarrassment or laugh at myself (I think I’ll opt for the latter). I guess the title came from the first and only post on that old thang. But I must congratulate myself on the rather originally conceived title and address though (Parabéns, menina!)

The last post on there is dated December 18, 2008. Judging from the closeness of the dates between the two posts from both old blogs, I must have been on some blogging spree. Just a very short spree though.


I still have another blog, but I’d rather keep that one away from this for now — maybe in the future. High school still feels too close to have it associated with this new blog of mine (that is supposed to be a far cry from my high school blog).


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