Today, I got lost. Or rather, I rode a bus on a whim, without thinking things through.

It was somewhat like a short two hour hiatus from civilization, seeing as I ended up in the University Of Macau’s new campus on Hengqin Island, which is quite isolated and somewhat hard to get to. And get out of.

I’m trying this new thing, see, where I try not to think too much, since my tendency to over-think things have just made me miserable for the past 4-5 months. I still think and mull things over (everyday reminders and such. They can’t be avoided. And I’m not avoiding them. I embrace them rather). Sometimes, things past just pop into my head. I remember all the great memories, and then I get dropped back into reality and am reminded of how things are now. It still depresses me, but I can do nothing about it except hope for the best outcome in the end. I’ve got patience enough. And hope. Patience and hope.

Anywho, totally went off topic there. Now, where was I…


I’m trying out this new thing where I try not to over-think things, but to accept things as they are on face-value. I still comprehend deeper meanings (ulterior motives and such), but I ignore them now. If I don’t, it just hurts. And I really can’t go on hurting myself by thinking too much. But then, I go the extreme distance of totally not thinking properly at all.

Typical me really. I can never seem to find the balance between thinking and not thinking too much. And listening to emotions or not to.

I had initially intended to hurry off to my tutoring job right after class, but depression sort of set in again and I wanted to get away from everything. Once I got to the bus stop, I waited for whatever bus would end up going towards the general direction of Taipa from Macau. Once the bus MT3U came along, I started to over-think again and decided to shut my mind off. I sort of knew that it was heading towards Hengqin Island, but I also assumed since it would pass by Taipa, that there would be a bus stop at Taipa before it headed all the way to UMac’s new campus. So I got onto MT3U. Plus, I’ve always been curious about its route.

Anyhow, assumptions proved incorrect.

But, hey! The great thing out of it was that I got to explore a little bit more of this part of the world. And it’s a very nice place to go to. So much wide open spaces and nearly uninhabited. Nearly. Aside from the small amount of students I encountered (an approximated amount of about 5), plus the 4 construction workers at the bus stop, the place was pretty empty. Or rather, the area I got off at was.

This just goes to show that if one is feeling wanderlust, one does not necessarily need to leave a country. One could potentially quench this desire by randomly catching whatever bus comes along first and getting off wherever one wishes to get off at (from curiosity or from a whim). Tada! A new experience!

Well, I guess I really should do this some time again, when I have the time (or when I feel like just getting away from my own thoughts).


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