The Rise Of Superhero T.V. Shows

Just watched the first few episodes of Marvel’s relatively new “Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” and now I’m hooked. Watching this feels just as epic as watching CW’s “Arrow”.

What is it with these television adaptations of comic book series that seem so captivating?

Eh, well. It’s like reliving my childhood anyhow, except these aren’t the superhero cartoons I used to watch (“Teen Titans”,” Justice League”,” X-Men: The Animated Series”, etc.)

Now all I have to do is to make sure I keep up with all the episodes that’ll be coming out, something of which I am really terrible at (I am waaaaay behind with “Arrow”, even though I began watching it from the start. I am also really behind on “Once Upon A Time”, by a whole season).


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